Dicloferaz Tab.

Dispersible Tablets Oral Analgesic



Faster Than The Pain

Dicloferaz tab.  Dispersible Tablet For Rapid Onset Of Action.
Dicloferaz tab.  Tasteless.
Dicloferaz tab.  Has Opioid Sparing Effect And Can Be Safe Used In Surgery Without Significant
Side Effect and can be Safely Used In Surgery Without Significant Side Effect.
Cases & Indications :
– Rheumatoid Arthritis.
– Osteoarthritis.
– Low Back Pain.
– Acute Biliary And Renal Colic.
– Acute And Post Traumatic Musculo-skeletal Disorders.
– Acute Migraine Attacks.
– Post Operative Conditions.
– Painful Inflammatory Conditions In Gynecology.
Dose :
– 1 Tab. 3-2 Times Daily.
Package : – 30 Dispersible Tablets.


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