Agar Agar Powder



The Neonatal Guard

Neogar Sachet Approved From (FDA,WHO And EFSA) That Neogar Effective
And Safe At Physiological Neonatal Jaundice..
Neogar Sachet Lessen Enterohepatic Circulation Of Bilirubin.
Neogar Sachet The Most Real And Pure Agar In The Market.

Cases & Indications :
Neonatal Jaundice
– Physiological Jaundice .
– Breast Milk Jaundice .
– Breast Non Feeding Jaundice .
Dose :
– Empty One Sachet In 10ml Distilled Water And Taken Orally Before Feeding
Twice Daily
Package :  A Box Contain 8 Sachets.
Active Ingredients :
– Each Sachet Contains 1.5 gm Agar.


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