Violin Lotion


Stretch Mark Removal Lotion



Be A Violin

Violin Lotion  Effective Slimming Lotion – Violin Is A Fat Burner For Localized Fat And
A Skin Tonicity Enhancer.
Violin Lotion  Cellulite Removal Lotion –Not Only Help You To Lose Weight ,But It Works
As A Cellulite Removal Lotion To Tighten Skin And Get Rid Of Cellulite
Violin Lotion  All Body Use –Use This Fat Burning Lotion For Your Abdomen ,Waistline
And Also Use It For Other Parts Of The Body, The Thighs ,Claves And Arms

Cases & Indications :
– Cellulite – Stretch Mark – Saggy Skin.
– Localized Fat.
– With Non-Invasive Liposuction Procedures e.g. Lipo-Cavitation Sessions.
Dose : Apply A Suitable Amount And Rub It Gently .

Package :  100ml body Lotion.
Active Ingredients :
– Caffeine – L-Carnitine – Cantella –Shea Butter
– Dimethicone -Glycerin.


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