Marvy Kid


Multivitamin Pieces For Kid

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Be A Super Hero In Marvel Universe

Marvy  Completely Growth Formula.
Marvy  Marvelous Formula Against Thinness.
Marvy  Regulates Glucose Level At Blood.
Marvy  Balances The Body During The Diet.
Marvy  Enhances Mental Health.
Marvy  Is Designed Specially For School Age Kids.
Marvy  Has Palatable And Desirable Dose.

Cases & Indications :
– Thinness – During The Diet Program
– Mental Health Problems
Dose : 2-1 Pieces Daily. Package : Jar Contains 20 Pieces.
Active Ingredients :
– Vitamins: VitD 600IU – VitA 600mcg – VitK 20mcg – VitC 75mg – VitB1.2 1mg
– VitB1.3 2mg – VitB14 3mg – VitB1.3 6mg – Vit-B25 7Mcg
– VitB2.4 12 mcg – Vit E 11mg – Folic Acid 400mcg.
– Minerals: Iron 11mg – Zn 9mg – Magnesium 30mg
– Selenium 20mcg – Chromium 50mcg – Potassium 5.3mg.


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