Multivitamin Syrup



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Oley vit Syrup Has15 Mineral & Vitamin To Support The Kid Growth.
Oley vit Syrup Coverage The Food Gap.
Oley vit Syrup Enhances The Bone Health So Reduce The Probability Of Bone Fracture Occurrence.
Oley vit Syrup Reduces The Learning Difficulties.
Oley vit Syrup Reduces Visual Dysfunction.
Oley vit Syrup Works As Strong Appetizer.
Oley vit Syrup Has Palatable Taste (Orange Flavor).

Cases & Indications :
– Growth Delay – Anorexia – Fatigue
– Learning Difficulties – Visual Dysfunction
Dose : 5 ml once Daily . Package : Plastic Bottle 100ml.
– 5 ml Twice Daily For Adults
Active Ingredients :
– Vitamins: VitD 400IU – VitA 667IU – VitE 5mg – VitC 12mg – VitB0.7 1mg
– VitB0.8 2mg -VitB8 3mg – VitB0.8 6mg – VitB2.5 12 mcg
– Folic Acid 100mcg – Pantothenic acid 2mg.
– Minerals: Iron 5mg – Zn 4mg – Copper 150mcg – lodine 40mcg


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