Olyview Spray


Mouth Spray



It’s Time To Smile

Olyview Spray  Has Antiseptic Power Against Mouth Bacterias.
Olyview Spray  Contains Group Of Refreshing And Anti-inflammatory Ingredients.
Olyview Spray  Alcohol & Sugar Free And Has Pleasent Taste.

Cases & Indications :
– Pharyngitis .
– Tonsillitis.
– Herpes .
Dose : Sprays (3-2 Puffs ) Toward The Throat Or Affected Area .
Package : Plastic Bottle 60 Ml Spray.
Active Ingredients :
– Chlorhexidine – Cetylpyridinum Chloride – Tea Tree Oil
– Clove Oil – Thyme Oil – Peppermint Oil – Eucalyptus Oil
– Vit E – Honey Extract.


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