Propolis C Lozenges


Sore Throat Treatment



Throat Fires
Propolis C .. Hired

Propolis C Most Effective Sore Throat Therapeutic Option, Not Just A Soother.
Propolis C Fights Naturally Against Respiratory Infections (Viral & Bacterial Infection).
Propolis C Lozenges In A Pharmaceutical Form.
Propolis C Suitable For All Age Groups With Multi Dosage Form.
Propolis C Sugar Free So Suitable For Diabetic & Hypertensive.

Cases & Indications :

– Resipratory Inefection (Cold Flu,Influenza..etc).
– Sore Throat. – Tonsilitis. – Cough
Dose : – Adults : Take A Lozenge 3 Times Daily.
Package : – Box Contain 20 Lozenges.
Active Ingredients :
– Propolis 50mg.
– Vit C 63mg.
– Menthol 10mg.
– Thyme 2.5mg.


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