Rangier Line


A Novel Iron Supplement , Boost Hemoglobin & RBCs Generation .



A Completely Iron Supplement Product 

  • 3rd Generation Of Iron Supplements (Iron Bisglycinate).
  • Has The Highest Elemental Iron Chelate.
  • Composition Matches With The Recent WHO & CDC Reports On The Recommended Dose Of Iron & Folic Acid .
  • Has High Bioavailability Based On Modern Chelation Techniques And Capsule Dosage Form.
  • Complies With Rangecal Tab. (So Can Take It With Range cal At The Same Time Without Precautions).

Indications & Cases :

  1.  Iron Defiance Anemia.
  2. Fatigue.
  3.  During Pregnancy & Lactation.
  4. Hair Loss Due To IDA.

Dose :
In Case :

– Pregnant: Once Daily. – Anemic Patient: Once Daily.
– IDA In Addition To Pregnancy: Twice Daily. – Hair Loss / Fatigue : Once Daily.


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