Omega-3 Supplement



Advanced Generation Of Oral Omega 3

Omegra Sachet A New Generation Of Highly Micronized Powder For High Performance
Outcomes .
Omegra Sachet Improves Pregnancy Performance , Reduces Incidence Of Prematurity
,Gestational Hypertension & Promote Fetal Neurodevelopment.
Omegra Sachet Safe & Effective In Pregnancy, Lactation & Other Populations.

Cases & Indications :

-Weak Maternal Health.
-High Risk Of Premature Delivery.
-Gestational Hypertension & Depression.
-During Lacting.
Dose :
2-1- Sachet Per Day For At Least 3 Months
– Dissolve A Sachet In Half Cup Of (Water – Milk – Juice).
Package : Box Contain 10 Sachets.
Active Ingredients :
-Fish Oil 1000mg (DHA&EPA 500mg) , Whey Protein.
-Vitamins (Vit C 90mg – Vit B0.5 6mg – Vit B1.5 12mcg)
-Minerals (Zn 12mg – Se 20mcg) .


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