Rangecal Line


Calcium Supplement



Smart Move .. For Bone Health

Range cal Line  1st Liposomal Calcium In Egypt.
Range cal Line  High Bioavailability Based On Liposomal Technique.
Range cal Line  Has Integrated Formula To Build The Bone.
Range cal Line  Small Size Tablet Compared To Other Calcium Supplements.

Cases & Indications :
– Hypocalcemia.
– Osteoprosis.
– Maternal Health Support.
Dose : Once Daily.
Package : 20 Tablets.
Active Ingredients :
– Liposomal Calcium 400mg – Magnesium 150 mg
– Vit D 500IU – Zn 5mg – Boron 300mcg – Copper 250mcg -Se 27.5mcg -Mn 250mcg


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