Iro-Oley Plus


Iron Supplement Syrup



Raise A Powerful Child

Iro-Oley Plus Syrup  Full Power Supporter Formula .
Iro-Oley Plus Syrup  Has a Synergistic Effect With Iro-Oley syrup.
Cases & Indications :
– Iron Deficiency Anemia.
– Post-Infection.
Dose :
– Children: 10ml Once Daily.
– Adults: 10ml Twice Daily.
Package : Plastic Bottle 100 Ml.
Active Ingredients /10Ml :
– Iron 14mg – Lysine 80mg – Honey 200mg – Vit C 20mg
– Zn 10mg – Vit B8 1mg – Vit B4 6mg – Pantothenic Acid 4mg
– Nicotinamide 16mg – Folic Acid 400mcg – Vit B10 12mcg
– Copper 0.5mg – Iodine 80mcg – Manganese 0.5mg.


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