Liposomal Lactoferrin & Liposomal Colostrum



First Liposomal Lactoferrin & Colostrum Formula

Ripple Sachet  The Complete immunity arsenal including both macro-immunomodulators & micro-immunomodulators.
Ripple Sachet  Supporting the developing immune system and bridge the immunity gap .
Ripple sachet  4 times more effective than any other lactoferrin-colostrum products.
Ripple sachet  A double weapon hematinic formula including macro-hematinic and micro-hematinic agents.

Indication & Cases:

-Respiratory tract infection and flu.
-Infective diarrhea.
-Post-antibiotic diarrhea.
-Failure to thrive.
-A preventative formula for colds and its symptoms.
-Immunocompromised individuals.
– Iron deficiency anemia.
Use & Dose:
Empty the contents of sachet on half cup of water, juice or milk and dissolve well.
-For Children:
Up to 2 years: 1/2 sachet daily.
Up to 6 years: one sachet daily.
Adults: 2 sachets daily
Package: 10 Sachet Pack

Bioactive Ingredients: 
-Liposomal Colostrum Concentrate 1gm – Liposomal Lactoferrin 100mg.
Micronutrients : 
Elemental Iron 10mg – Zn 10mg – Vit C 100mg – Vit B1 0.5mg – Vit B2 0.6mg – Vit B6 0.7 mg – Vit E 7mg.


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