Tigress Fresh Spray

Whitening For Sensitive Areas & Sexual Stimulant Spray For Female



Get The Perfect Femininity

Tigress Fresh  Enhance Sex Drive/Libido
Tigress Fresh  Whitening For The Sensitive Areas
Tigress Fresh  Refreshening And Reduce Bad Odor Of Vagina
Cases & Indications :
– Female Sexual Arousal
-Dark Skin At Sensitive Areas
– Vagina Bad Odor
Usage :
As Whitening Spray :
Spray A Suitable Toward The Target Area .
As Sexual Stimulant : Before The Intercourse Spray A Suitable Amount On Clitoris.
Package : 25 ml Spray Bottle.
Active Ingredients :
Menthol – L-Arginine – Vit C – Licorice Ext – Aloe Vera .


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