Blue Ox


L-Arginine With Micronutrients Formula



Marvelous Formula For Health

Blue Ox Tab  Comprehensive Anti Oxidant Formula.
Blue Ox Tab  Promotes Blood Supply.
Blue Ox Tab  As Hepatoprotective Formula .
Blue Ox Tab  Support Heart Health.
Blue Ox Tab  Completely Formula To Support The Pregnancy.
Blue Ox Tab  Enhances Fetal Outcomes.

Cases & Indications:

-Liver & Heart Support.
-Poor Blood Circulation.
– Pregnancy Support.
– Prophylaxis From IUGR.
– Prophylaxis For Preeclampsia.
Dose : Once Daily Or According To Case.
Package : 20 Tablets.
Active Ingredients :
– L-Arginine 300mg – Oats 300mg – Zn 50mg
– Se 75mcg – Mg 100mg – Vit E 100mg
– Phosphatidylcholine 100mg


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