Folic Oley




Folic Oley  Comprehensive formula to Treat Different Types Of Anemia .
Folic Oley  A Novel Nerve Support Formula.
Folic Oley  Compensate The Lack of Vit B12 ,Folic Acid Level & The Rise Of Homocysteine Level Due To Metformin, PI And H2 Blocker Drugs.
Folic Oley  Support the maternal Health.
Folic Oley  Treats Macrocytic and Pernicious Anemia.

Indications & Cases :
-Diabetes Mellitus Neuropathy.
-Vitamin B12 Deficiency
-Antenatal Care.
-Macrocytic and Pernicious Anemia.
Dose : Once Daily
Active Ingredients :
Folic Acid800mcg – Vit B12 1000mcg – Vit B6 2.5mg


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