Rebuild From Root 2 Tip

Marvy  Promotes Healthier Fuller Hair
Marvy  Promotes Nails Strength
Marvy  Promotes Skin Rejuvenation
Marvy  Reduces Hair Loss,Improve Hair Volume And Density
Marvy  Support Overall Nails Connective Tissue
Marvy  Protects Wrinkle Progression

Cases & Indications :
– Pattern Hair Loss. – Telogen Effluvium.
– Fragile And Brittle Nails. – Dull Premature Aging Skin.
Dose : Once Or Twice Daily Within Or After Meals.
Package :  Jar Contains 30 Tablets.
Active Ingredients :
Vitamins: Vit D 8mcg – Vit A 450mcg -Vit K 20mcg – Vit C 45mg
– VitB60 1mg –VitB600 2mcg -Niacin 8mg – VitB600 6mcg
– Biotin 100 Mcg – VitB6 12 mcg – Vit E 10mg – Folic Acid 200mcg
Minerals: Iron 8mg – Zn 16mg – Magnesium 10mg
– Selenium 100mcg – Chromium 50mcg.


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