Jenasol Line


Joint Support Formula



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Jenasol Line  Completely Joint Enhancer.
Jenasol Line  X4 Triggers To Get Positive Influences On Joint Health.
Jenasol Line  Enhance Chondroprotective Effect.
Jenasol Line  Has Anti-Oxidant Effect.
Jenasol Line  Has Anti-Inflammatory Effect.
Jenasol Line  Enhance Joint Mobility And Flexibility.

Cases & Indications :
– Osteoarthritis.
– Support Joint Health.
Dose : Empty one sachet of Jenasol Line in a glass add 100 ml
of water and stir well to dissolve.
Package :Box Contains 10 Sachets.
Active Ingredients :
– Hydrolyzed Collagen 2500mg – MSM 1000mg – Glucosamine 500mg
– Vitamin C 250mg – Hyaluronic acid 25mg – Se 50mcg
– Copper 0.25mg – Iodine 75mcg – Manganese 0.9 mg
– Vit B3 8mg – Vit B6 20.5mg – Boron 1.5mg .


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